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the MUTCH family is related to the Stacey family through our Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Sylvia Susan Mutch (nee Stacey), who was the fifth daughter of George W. Stacey, born in West Ipswich, Queensland on 11 July, 1860. George is believed to be either the first, or one of the first children registered as born in the state of Queensland after it became a State of Australia after separating from New South Wales (proclaimed by Queen Victoria in June 1859). George lived to 105 years old.

Sylvia Stacey married Colin Alexander Mutch, father of Ian Alexander Mutch, Grandfather to David Alexander Mutch and Great Grandfather to George Alexander Mutch, and thus the Stacey-Mutch relationship began.

The historical documents below are all in PDF format. Click on a thumbnail to display the document in a new window/tab. Many thanks to Tom Kidman who helped collect some of these difficult-to-obtain documents.

Enjoy :)

The Life of George W Stacey Our Ancestors
The Life Story of George W Stacey.
A biographical and autobiographical account of the Life of George W Stacey
Our Ancestors.
Compiled by Frances Stacey, eldest daughter of George Stacey, the story begins in 1854 with the marriage of Francis Frances Whitcombe to Robert Stacey (George's father).
Stacey Locations Nearly as Old As State
Stacey Locations.
Relates the locations in Queensland and NSW of the early Stacey Family
Nearly As Old As State.
Excerpt from the Telegraph 5th April 1956
Stacey Timeline Mathius and Elizabeth Koina
Stacey Timeline from 1824 to 1965 Our Grandmother Catherine.
The story of Catherine Mary Morkart, wife of George W Stacey. Written by Frances O'Sullivan (née Stacey)
Our Grandmother - Catherine
Matthias and Elizabeth Koina.
The story of Altenham, a property near Inverell, northern N.S.W., and Elizabeth, daughter of Catherine, mother to Frances. Written by Frances O'Sullivan (née Stacey)
Mutch Family Tree
Mutch Family Tree.
Compiled by Ian Alexander Mutch around 2005.


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