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We live in a semi rural district on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne at the foot of Mount Dandenong in the the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Climate is usually mild but can get down to 0 degrees Celsius in Winter and over 40 degrees Celsius in Summer. The area is heavily forested and is at risk of bushfires in summer. The land is steep at around 25 degrees and is classified as 'escarpment'. We are surrounded by native flora and fauna and are frequently visited by possums, parrots, owls, blue-tongue lizards and many other native animals.

We try to live within our environmental context and as sustainably as possible, continuously improving our lifestyle through a decrease in our environmental footprint.

Hua and David both hold PhD degrees from the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne and both have worked as research scientists in fields as diverse as immunology, virology, health demographics, peptide chemistry, hypertension, glomerulonephritis, health survey and statistical analysis. Our skills also include computer graphics, multimedia production, teaching and training, business management and people management.

Our favorite pastimes and interests include travel, building, gardening, music, theatre, cooking and eating multinational foods, environmental and sustainability issues, and of course our kids and their future.

George is interested in music, computing and gaming, and creating and play strategy military miniatures. George plays bassoon in various orchestras and electric bass guitar in rock, jazz and funk bands and ensembles. In 2008 George is studying maths methods, physics, chemistry, IT, english and other subjects in his second last year at high school. He is interested in pursuing a career in chemistry.

Sasha is interested in music, manga, drawing, film production and drama, and although more inclined to the arts she also does well in her science and math. Sasha plays piano and has recently started studying percussion. She plays in several orchestras and jazz bands at her school. Sasha's favorite past time is drawing manga and has her own web site devoted to her work at


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