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our solar electricity panels were installed on 2 April 2009. We took advantage of the govt. $8K rebate before it ran out. We got a 7 panel 1225W system worth over $15,000 for around $5,500 after the rebates and sale of the RECs. Now we enjoy receiving our Feed In Tariff (FIT) benefits and the savings on our electricity use.

The PV (photovoltaic) system comprises 7x 175W panels and an SMA 1100 (Sunnyboy 1100W) external weatherproof inverter, various isolator switches and an SP Ausnet Digital metre. The total system value is around $15,000, but we paid around $5,500 after the federal govt. $8000 rebate and cash-in of our RECS. The system works very well during the Sprint, Summer and Autumn months but has relatively poor production during the Winter months when the sun is much lower than the trees on the block to our North. Our house block is steeply sloped (up to 35 degrees and so these trees are quite a lot higher than the top of our house. The trees cause mottled shading on the panels, reducing output significantly. All-in-all though we are extremely happy with our installation as it definitely DOES reduce our power bills significantly, reduces our carbon footprint and helps us contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and global warming. We hope to expand the system in the future.

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